a word on ssh security

April 14, 2017

Since the prices for root/v-servers on the internet dropped, everybody is using one. But using ssh with the root user exposed and a not so long or worse generated root password from the Hoster, is maybe not the best idea if you don’t want to be hacked by some script kiddie. so spin up your shell and fix this! generate ssh-keys upload them to your server disable password authentication watch the video to see the steps below in action: ... Read more

raspberry pi 3 wifi config

April 14, 2017

Since i own such a magnificent little device as the raspberry pi 3 i like to profit from the built in wifi module. As i tend to do such things not every day let’s write down the needed steps for the wifi config. There is this file /etc/network/interfaces where we can adjust the basic network config. We have to change the wlan0 config from manual to dhcp in order to get automatic dhcp offers from the router. ... Read more

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